A new year listing: 3rd January 2011

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Bird Watching

Another year, another clean slate, new challenges, hope of new birds to be seen, maybe meet up with some species I have not seen for a while.
Last year, was my best year, with 215 species seen. I am looking forward to beating that, looking forward to seeing new places, see what the other birders have on their doorstep, loosing count the number of times I say “If only this was in Rochdale..”

Catching up with scarcities that have made it past the new year.
Preston: Iceland Gull, a nice park up and watch bird this. Nice one. While appreciating this large white gull, I was made aware of 7 Waxwings to my left. Two crackers, one location.

Iceland Gull

Iceland Gull - Preston

Warton Marsh.
A few Pink Footed Geese are grazing out on the marsh. Amongst them are 8 Greenland White Fronted Geese.Easy spot. My next stop is in Blackpool – complety forgetting to do the Cremy in Lytham.


Kestrel - Lytham

Marton Mere, Blackpool: In exactly the same trees as last year, upto 8 Long eared Owls are huddled together. Ice on the mere, had pushed all the wildfowl to the far end making them easier to spot. Nothing special apart from a single Whooper Swan. Missed the Bittern, and the calling Cettis. They will have to wait another day.

Long Eared Owl

Long Eared Owl - Blackpool


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