Thanks for the Memories.

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Bird Watching

This weekend, the Ateam had a rest for one reason and another. Ozzy found time to sneak out to his local reservoir to see if he could manage a handful of species – It’s not Norfolk that for sure. Notable spot was a Green Woodpecker – not many of those to a pound around here. The other was a small flock of Long tailed Tits.

Elsewhere: – A Franklin’s Gull was reported on the west coast, but didn’t like the look of the place and decided to scarper. Wigan Flash still had a Smew. Fairhaven, Lytham still was to the liking for the Red Necked Grebe. And Fleetwood was looking good for a Grt. Northern Diver – though I heard you have to be nice to a man at the docks to let you in.

Todays news is rather sad. reports of a Freshly dead American Purple Gallinule in a garden (must be some garden) in Dartmoor. Im not saying it’s the same bird. My mind takes me back to the bird in Saltney, Flintshire last July. I had seen Gallinules before on the Nile, Egypt, and was instantly impressed at the size. At Saltney, the bird was viewed down to a few yards – what a sight. Dwarfing the Moorhens and Mallards that swam with it. the bird was nest building, in fact it built many nests in the area. Colours of all shades of blues and purples where all around. What ever you think about it’s authenticity, you could help but be bowled over by its magnificent sight. We heard of  it’s capture and heroic escapes in it’s determination to nest build through out the month – a bit like the “Chicken- Run Film” – good on yer. The ‘Purple Chicken’ as we nicknamed it, was there for the appreciation from July – late August 2010. A sad end to this bird. We all knew it was ‘plastic’, but so what. Till the next time…thanks for the memory.

Purple Gallinule July 2010

Purple Gallinule, Saltney, Flintshire, July 2010

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