5th February. Water, Water everywhere…..

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Bird Watching
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A  7:30 am pensive launch – Launch being the appropriate word, Water, water everywhere. It’s bucketing down, and still dark. Unusually we haven’t formulated a route, just that we are staying in the North-West. From a discussion of options. We ship off to Pennington Flash for some early birds, and pray it stops raining and at least brightens up a bit. Sailing down the East Lancs. Road. A ‘niggle’ at the back of my  head tries to interrupt my ears. Haven’t I been to Pennington before the hides are opened – Yes. I mention it to the others, no one backs my ‘niggle’ up.

8:10 Pennington Flash – We park next to a group of wet golfers. We discuss which group is the most maddest. Of we slosh to the best hide in the world – Bunting Hide. It’s locked. ‘Sugar!’ and so is the Spit Hide too. Slosh back to the car, and declare to the golfers that we are the maddest group.

Risley Moss NR. Is a new one for me, and not far away. Cast the rope, on we sail. A nice wooded resort, with a hide close too bird feeders. Noted birds A male Great spotted Woodpecker, Jays, Not much else. Back to the ‘Skylark’. Its’ suggested we move North, in hope that the weather may be brighter, and dryer. For sometime now Preston Docks has had an Iceland gull. Bob has dipped on this twice. Make that three times now. Jinxed or what? Not far away we clock 4 Mandarin ducks.

Marton Mere – We bluff our way into the caravan park, and park right next to a hide a make a dash for it like we have all just had a rather expensive hair-do. A Cetti’s Warbler calls close by. A variety of Ducks. No Bittern. Dave and Steve have no alternative than to brave the weather and walk around the lake to see the Long Eared Owls. I snap some Mallard pictures. The Cettis’ briefly gives us a close view.


Pilling area – No luck with the Kingfisher, Nothing doing on the marshes except  Meadow Pipit. Eagland Hill for the feeding area for Buntings. Tree sparrow, Red Legged Partridge, A single Tree Sparrow, and a Male Sparrowhawk tucking into an unfortunate bird. Moving on a bit. Amongst farsands of Pink Footed Geese, Browny spots a single Barnacle goose. A small flock of Yellowhammer led us for a while along the narrow lanes. Another chance of Two Iceland Gulls at Rishton Res. tempted us for our next port of call. A good soaking we got, but no white winged gulls. They had been seen each day during the week. But not today. Must have been the weather?

Back home for 3:20 we hada missed out on some cast iron certainties, and got a good soaking too. Still, it’s better than staying in doors.


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