Well this has got to be the best Easter weather that I can remember, and that’s all the excuses in need to get out and find some local birds.

Good friday – off to the Peak district. Lud’s Church. A very secretive natural wonder..not to be missed…If you find it, that is. I missed my turning..watching birds off course. I had walked an hour along the River Dane, (looking for Dippers), before I closeley checked the map…My path should not be alongside the river..Opps. Still..I had a Dipper…Lots of Blackcaps about here. Back to the car and out with the picinc. Argh Bliss.

Saturday – Pennington Flash – Up to seven Black Terns reported yesterday. None at 9am today. a pair of  Black necked Grebes and 3 or 4 Common Terns added to my list.

Black Neck Grebes

Black Neck Grebes



Marshide – As I parked the car, and got out. My ears caught the sounds of Common Whitethroats – about 4 I guess. Sedge Warblers had also arrived in the reedbeds. From the main hide, Avocets (20-30) are beginning to take over the small islands. It wasn’t long ago that this was a Mega bird for the North-west, now we have bazzillions. From Nells hide, a stunning male Garganey is a real well come sight, but no sign of the Lesser Scaup today. Other notable sightings, a few hundred Black Tailed godwits.




And on the seventh day..I had a rest…Phew.



Easter Monday – Still sunny. A mega reported at Fleetwood. A Short Toed Lark showing very well. This is a real rearity for the North West. I got good views of it on the path before Dog-walkers sent it hiding for a while. This is only my second British ST Lark. Common Whitethroats alover the reserve.

Brockholes LWT – Officially opened yesterday. I have been coming here for a few years now, and wasted no time to get here now it’s openned. It looks lovely. Out came the dosh and membership sorted. This going to be a cracking reserve for us North West Birders. On main lake, a couple of newly arrived Little Ringed Plovers displayed. A single (early) Whimbrel minded it’s own business before taking off. Lots of Sedge warblers and Common Whitehroats here too. Enjoyed it.


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