Sunday 1st May – Lincs. Again!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Bird Watching

Since the last trip. It bothererd me that we didn’t quite clean up in Lincolnshire, we missed one bird out. 19 miles South from Tetney Lock is Ruckland nr Louth. Since early April a very large, Eagle looking bird has been floating around Lincolnshire. Obviously an Immature from the Dark brown underneath and chestnut upper parts. And it has a wedged tail, showing some white tail feathers. This is an immature White Tailed Sea Eagle. My second Lincs. Lifer in two days. A lucky 40 minute wait and I spot this mahoosive bird take of from a field in the distance. OMG the size of it. The tag of Barn-Door is a fair name. For the next 4-5 minutes, it glided towards us, and eventually above us. How does it fly? It mainly glides. Before setting off this morning. I studied my Raptors book. one line in particular was that it can climb to super heights, and thats what we saw, and thought that was it, gone. Nope, it’s still here today.

White Tailed Sea Eagle

White Tailed Sea Eagle

Thanks to Rob for the picture, and for putting me on to another reserve to visit.

Whisby nr Lincoln  – A gorgeous nature reserve. Lots of pools and wooded walks. At the moment they have 13 singing Nightingales. A bird I have not connected with for ten years. Easy to locate. just follow the machine gun like song. Not so easy to see them though. Early/Late in the day is best to see them.

Back home in 2 hours. Ozzy lets me know of the returning Dotterel to Brown Wardle. Only 2 miles away. May give them a try.


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