11th June – Hartlepool Twitch.

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Bird Watching
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While holidaying in Portugal (Algarve Over-Hyped IMO), I checked whats been happening, birdwise back home. A mega bird had been miss-identified, trapped, ringed,correctly identified, and released, and unusally stayed put in the area of Hartlepool. I counted down the days before I got home and a chance to go for it. The bird, from Turkey – (our usuall Holiday destination) was first thought to be a Red Flanked Blue tail, Rare enough on it’s own, was trapped then during processing was re identified as a White Throated Robin. Ultra Rare..2 only previously seen….Stand Bye your bunkers, inform NASA to prepare launch! This was on the Sunday…Time ticks by even more slowly when you are abroad….

I touch down Thursday afternoon. Bird still being reported..that gives my confidence of seeing it. And because I like sex..I somehow have agreed to do lots of jobs for her on the Friday, (she doesn’t forget), Asdas, Town, Cooking her a Favourite meal Etc….Still Confident.?? why not?…It’s going nowhere. All day friday, Reuters informs me that the bird is ‘Showing it’s head off’, most of the day as it confidently feeds on the bowling greens. Against Ozzy’s advice ‘ Hand over all your money, tell her you love her Etc, and blast off to see it now!!’ I wait till the Saturday morning.

Saturday, 6am Blast off. 2hours later, I am parked up a few yards away from where the bird was so confidingly ‘showing it’s head off’ – only last night. ‘Gentleman stake out your places by the Bowling green.’ A crowd about the size of a Rochdale home match with Hartlepool, waited, and waited. Some impatient birders carrying the only just released, must have birding equipment, the brand new, still shinny, Swarovski Stainless Steel Spotting Stepladder (SSSSS2011), Put them to good use up against the garden wall. A scene reminiscent of a medievil castle being scaled. ..the still shinny SSSSS2011 folds away, flat and fits neatly into your van without you noticing it. Neat! If you have a small car (Tight Northerners), the SSSSS2011 comes with a small hanky to tie on the end of the ladder. This neat device also doubles as a Sun-hat, so typically  worn by Northerners on the Bridlington Beach in August. Cool!

SSSS2011 put to good use.

SSSS2011 put to good use.

Scalling the walls

Scalling the walls

By 11 am, and no sign of the Robin…’ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…..Robin flew away’. I decide to call in at one of my favourite reserves Saltholme RSPB. Less than 20 minutes away. The waether turns from nice sunshine to rain. Still I clock Three Spoonbills for the list. But nowt much else. Too wet for Wykeham forrest, so home. Just out side of the reserve, it’s sunny again. Somewhere near Knaresborough, Reuters informs me that a Great White Egret has just landed at Fairburn Ings RSPB reserve. Nice timing. I am their in half an hour, and the bird took some finding, but we got it with some help.

Back home, nearly 12 hours after blast off – Daves advice bites at my bum.. Of course Ozzy and Bob had the bird while I was away…


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