15th July – Unusual weekend

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Bird Watching
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The Western Bonelli`s Warbler just in Derbyshire at Tintwistle was too much of a good bird not to go and see, so we went on Friday afternoon and endured traffic jams, torrential rain, Steve wearing a safety helmet in a monsoon and guess what on top of all that birders telling us were the bird had been etc etc. After 4 hours of this the little blighter refused to show for us. We headed for home and even thought that the bird must have drowned (How wrong we were). No news about the warbler on Saturday so I cheered myself up, on a hot sunny day by going to one of the most famous wader sites of the 50`s,60`s and 70`s, you guessed it Altrincham sewage works ( Now called water treatment works). About 5 Green Sandpipers and a fleeting glimpse of a Wood Sandpiper and 5 Black Tailed godwits were on show. As I reached home news of the Bonelli`s Warbler broke again. If its there in the morning I will go early as it “a morning bird”. Got to Tintwistle at 9am and guess what?  the bird was on show and making its little call near the bridge at the end of the reservoir, result, my first Western Bonelli`s Warbler on mainland Britain! Crossbill and a perched Kingfisher completed a nice trio of new birds for this year. Think I fully deserved the warbler for all my efforts! Regards, Dave O.

Bonelli`s Warbler Site


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