Friday – RAIN, Saturday -RAIN, Sunday morning- RAIN. Marsh Sandpiper at Blacktoft and no rain forecast for that side of the country. Ozzy and Bob made the trip, reaching Blacktoft by 2-10pm in good weather. Lots of waders on view, Green, Common and Wood Sandpipers but our target bird was having a little “hide”. After an hour or so of listening to “dudes” talking crap and looking at their ” I Spy” bird books, we both decided on a change of hide and bingo the Marsh Sandpiper was on full show from the Ousefleet screen, cracking “shank” this bird! We could now get back to some good birding with a pasing Hobby, a singing Grasshopper Warbler a dozen or so Bearded Tits playing at the base of the reeds. Two Spoonbills doing what Spoonbills do best, sleeping. A few Marsh Harriers an eclipse Garganey tested our ID skills. We even had a very short shower to remind us about the weather back in good old Lancashire! We got to Huddersfield (were incidently I have an aunty, have I told you the story?) and it began to RAIN, this is were I came in.

Marsh Sandpiper,Blacktoft

Marsh Sandpiper, Blacktoft

Dave Ousey.


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