14th September – A Grey day in the Dales.

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Bird Watching
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Anyone who follows the rare bird scene news, couldn’t avoid that in the last seven days Britain has been a main landing place for the Grey Phalarope. Reports came in from all over the country. In the North West, we had birds located in Angelsey, Colwyn,  (stretching the North West boundary a bit?), Mersey Side, Lytham, Preston, Lancaster, even inland to St. Helens – Pennington Flash. But to get one ‘at foot-tutt Peninines’ that is a great find. News broke out Wednesday that a Grey Phalarope was showing it’s head off on Ashworth Moor Reservoir. Bobberto was quick to grab his optics and race of in his new car to Ashy- res. Grey Phalaropes are mostly confiding birds thats usually don’t mind close views. This one was no exception and Bob got some great shots. The only downside of it was it didn’t hang around long enough for me to see it. Next day gone. Perhaps this is the bird that is seen in Preston.


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