23rd October – Teeside Torment

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Bird Watching

A Pallid Harrier on Teeside and  a crew of 3 aboard one of our number wanting to see this bird as a lifer – (he had to give up plans to watch the Utd V City match Live, and given promisses that we don’t give out the score).We spent most of the day at Seal Sands in this unusual part of the world were industry meets the great outdoors! Some friends from York were also there to see the bird. Well after being well entertained by a couple of Merlin, Sparrowhawk and a Marsh Harrier we decided on a trip to North Gare breakwater,we did not see much but it was nice out at sea! A Semipalmated Sandpiper (that has been present on and off for a while was re-located at Saltholme Ponds) so we went and eventually all had distant veiws of this tiny wader. It is a really nice reserve now at Saltholme and it will pull some good birds in. News from the Saltholme toilets that the Harrier was showing at seal Sands put me into “twitch mode” but alas the news was news to the people at Seal Sands who were still looking at the seals that had “hauled out”. We satyed for a couple of hours, and got to see a faboulous display of a pair o Merlins hunting and managing to bring down a small bird. True masters of prey. Not long after – a scene staright from ‘The Likey Lads episode Don’t mention the match’ a local announces to all that City are wooping Utd 3-0 ….Ste shouts NO! first then YEAH! from then on we had a goal by goal update. it finished Utd 1 City 6. – ‘AVE-IT! Well it looked like a dippy day (utd goalie too) but we got plenty of fresh air! On the way back we got to see Red Kite too.


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