6th November – Midlands Magic

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Bird Watching
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Four participants for a chance for Steve Brown to lay the ghosts of “dipped”  Squacco Heron`s past! One of our crew was unfortunately involved in trying to launch an unmaned rocket launch from Cape Hollingworth and couldn’t attend. We reached a railway bridge in Nottingham with frost on the ground but the Squacco was still in attendance and catching fish like a good `un. Main line trains thundered past over the Squacco but not a flinch from the bird in its pursuit of fish! We headed for Shropshire, not a county famous for its rare birds, but it had got one in the shape of a Steppe Grey Shrike at Wall farm N.R near Tiberton. In almost shirt sleeve weather the bird entertained us from a good distance but all salient features were noted. This was to be Chris Brown`s second lifer of the day,well done that man. Time to think about birds we can see on the way home, well a Great Grey Shrike near the Beeley Triangle in Derbyshire was selected.The journey took us back the way we had come through Stafford and Uttoxeter then north to Ashbourne, nice to see this area in good sunlight! Well ,unfortunately the bird had not been seen since early morning but a tip-off about another was followed up only 3 miles away at Leash Fen, Derbyshire. We managed to have distant veiws of the bird and it was difficult to put a group of birders onto it once it had flown away, but we tried! Nice day out in really good weather.


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