7-9th October – Spurn weekeend

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Bird Watching
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Our annual trip to Spurn was not very memorable in terms of rare birds or huge quantities of birds, but, will still be remembered by the participants who went, for the westerlies that had us in the seawatching hide for a lot of the 3 days. The fact that we recorded 100 species in the area was fairly good. Myself and Bob did our usual trip to Stone Creek battery and met John Ward (who is the bird guru of that part of Yorkshire,who co- found the Mugimaki Flycatcher). We headed for Patrington Haven and were treated to lots of waders and a few geese,next stop the slowly decaying corpse of a Sei Whale was visited at Skeffling. What an amazing animal a whale is,would love to see one happily swimming about in the sea though. At our caravan site we dumped our gear and began to seawatch we managed to miss 2 Sabines Gulls, Balearic Shearwater but saw lots of skua`s, shearwaters, Gannets etc.Our evening refuge had to be “The Crown & Anchor” at Kilnsea and we were entertained by lots of Spurn regulars and Andy Roadhouse the warden,who has an amazing talent for remembering dates of bird sightings at Spurn! We managed a trip down Beacon Lane Ponds and a few more species were added to our lists and in the afternoon a trip to the point was made but not many passerines were noted.At the Canal Scrape hide a bobbing Jack Snipe entertained us for a while. The last day was spent counting duck flying past the seawatching hide and watching a Short Eared Owl flying in of the sea. A few smaller birds,Redwing
Skylark, Purple Sandpiper were also observed.Lots of parties of “dudes” were also noted, especially the man who said,”That Scaup was easy to see what`s the bird at the side of it?” I struggled to tell him that it was a Tufted Duck, he really should spend more time looking at his copy of “I  Spy book of birds” Spurn was good but we have had better years.

Dave O.


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