19th November – North Eastern Delight

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Bird Watching, Rochdale, Rossendale, Twitching
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A 6:30 Blastoff, Pitch black, but dry for. Three of the team are once more of to the North-East..Wi-Eye. No sooner than we get as far as Huddersfield ( has ozzy mentioned he had an aunt here?) we hit fog, which sticks to our car till we get to Hartlepool. Glorious sunshine from here on.Thankfully the fog lifted 30 minutes before our first stop.
Hauxley Nature Reserve: A quick look at the map, and we yomp-off to the wader hide. Peep inside, Two photographers here – No sign of the bird from here, try the next hide. A short walk and we meet a small group outside the hide – It was seen here earlier, but now has flown out of sight. We check inside the hide – just about fitting in. After about 10 minutes of scanning here and thier, a group of Redshank fly past us, about 50 yards -I’m already on them. As they near the shore, they drop their lading gear, All red – except for the second bird from the right which showed bright Yellow. “Got it! Second from the right” I say. and one by on everyone gets the bird – A Greater Yellowleg. A lifer for me!. Boberto says it would be great if it flys and lands in front of the hide, and that is what it did – Honest! Only 10 yards away. Stonking views. Dave gets a lughole full of someones massive lens – ‘Do ya mind!!’. Me and bob leave before it gets nasty. Oustide handshakes all round. Ozzy comes out complaining he’s just had been pushed in the face by a large camera lens. We know.

About 40 minutes up the coast we head of to Holy Island to get there as the tide reveals the road 10:50am ish. we park away from the Pay and Display (Tight? thats us alright). We have come to see a Black Redstart – No big deal usually – (Local bird for us), but this one is of the Eastern race, far more colourful than ours. And it’s showing it’s head off. We all get some great snaps, and then have a mooch about the Island. A flock of 90+ White Fronted Geese fly above us, what a day this turning out to be. We hear that the Grt.Yellowlegs has been flushed, and gone – shame for the other birdwatchers.
We leave about 2:30 and Roiters informs us of an interesting geese flock about 10 miles away in Embleton. In a field with hundreds of Pink-footed geese was also White fronted, Barnacles (50+), Tundra Bean Geese (18), and 2 Ross’s Geese. But only for 5 minutes before a low flying plane sends them all into the air. The all fly above our heads – Fantastic sight the fly out of our sight – Lucky or what? And that was about it for the day. We timed everything just right. We hear that our friends spent 4 1/2 hours tear arsing up and down the coast before catching up with the Grt. Yellowleg.
A trip of 420 miles in total thoroughly enjoyable.


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