1st January 2012 – The dawn of another year

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Bird Watching, Rochdale, Rossendale, Twitching

Our annual trip out on New Years Day had a few high`s and a few lows. We were all a little hung over from slight over indulgence the year before, but I managed to take the wheel and got by but only after being stopped by one of Lancashire`s finest and ending up asking him for directions (guess the smell of lager had worn off by then!). First stop Preston for Mandarin, no sign. Onto Clifton Marsh, lots of ducks here. Next stop Lytham Crematorium, no sign of the Parakeets here or much else really. Fairhaven Lake had the Scaup present. Warton Bank was much better, with the Great White Egret being picked up along with Whooper Swans, Peregrine, Little Egret and 2 Black Swans (not countable). Onto a search for the Tundra Bean Geese on Lytham Moss, the heavens opened upon us all and we all got a bit damp, we did manage to see the geese though! At Marton Mere the Iceland Gull was found by Bob the ‘Twitch’ and more wildfowl was added to the list along with many of Fylde Bird clubs finest members namely Maurice Jones etc. After the coming together with earlier mentioned policeman a trip to Rossall Point added sea ducks and lots of waders, Fleetwood and a few Eiders were seen. Across the water at Knott End the hoped for Black Redstart had today gone missing, whilst we were there. So onto Eagland Hill to see all the finches and sparrows, guess what? no sign of any Yellowhammers or Corn Buntings. On our way home, and as we passed into Rossendale a Short Eared Owl was seen hunting over and by the road, a fitting end to a different  day out.  74 species being amassed.
Dave O.


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