4th March – Common Yellowthroat in South Wales‏

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Bird Watching, Rochdale, Rossendale, Twitching
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With everyone except me needing to see the Common Yellowthroat in South Wales ( I saw my first one on Scilly in 1984, am I that old?). We made plans to visit a small town called Rhiwderin, about 4 miles west of Newport, were the bird had been present since mid February. An early start was called for and with only one of our number missing, we headed off through the rain. Bob was at the wheel, even though he was still suffering with a bad cold! As the rain eased off , we reached the area the bird had been frequenting and after the large gatherings of admirers that the bird had been attracting were met by just 4 people who were pointing at the bird as we approached, well it was still there then. At around 10am the bird showed fairly briefly low down in a low hedge and we all saw this little gem of a bird. We had more glimpses of the it from about 20 yards distance as it ran and chased insects at the bottom of the hedge. After about 25 minutes the bird didn’t show again, and we had to tell some birders from Edinburgh, who had just arrived, where to watch out for it, hope they saw it later in the day? We decided to head back “up north” as we couldn’t decide were to visit in South Wales. We reached Moore N.R. near Warrington were Steve K had seen Lesser Spotted Woodpecker the previous week, we couldn’t go wrong or could we? After visiting various trees that the bird was always in and missing out on Green Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Bittern etc.

We realised that we had used all our luck up on the Yellowthroat, mind you we saw two Treecreepers. We had a very pleasant walk around this “up & coming” nature reserve. We headed for home and for Bob to get into bed with a large whiskey to celebrate another lifer! For Steve K, a special mention on reaching another milestone after a week of 1000 miles plus travelling and plundering 3 “lifers” in a week. Well done to all for another special day out and to Steve B, spring is only just around the corner and its going to be busy!




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