Feb 28th – The Redundancy tour-1

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Bird Watching, Rochdale, Twitching
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What’s life with out a few ups and downs? Well, life chose to take a penalty kick to my crown jewels – only the kicker chosen was Peter Lorimer…OUCH.

So I have taken sometime out, and gone to places I have never been before. I went ‘Darn-Sarf’.

Pagham Harbour – The weather is Scorchio – Wow, what a massive reserve. Too big for me to cover in a day. I make a bee-line for the neccessary. Passing reedbeds with calling  Cettis Warblers, and many sorts of waders. Time for them later. The target, Britains 82nd Paddyfield Warbler. The last one seen was on Shetland 2008.  I only had to wait an hour to get my first glimpse. All of about a second. Enough – Lifer 348.


The bird showed briefly many times – mostly hidden though.

Elsewhere on the reserve. many Cettis’ where calling, also a Mediteranean Gull was calling – sounds like a cat. Grey Herons where busy building alongside Little Egrets in the Heronry.

Blast off too Calshot Hampshire. An even rarer bird. Britains 8th Spanish Sparrow – a stunning male at that.

Lifer 349. This bird has been present for sometime now. Associating with this sparrow where its obvious ofspring showing interbreeding had occurred with the native sparrows in the past. I’ve had good day – 2 lifers – and decided to head for home. I call into a chippy in whinchester. I orde my usuall ‘ Steak & Kidney pie, chips in a tray with Gravey. Guess how much? £5.50..WTF?? I let them know what I thought of that. Going price around Grt.Manchester – £2.65. Back in the car I download a ‘ Find a Macdonalds’ App. (here’s a tip – this is a real trouser saver when you are in unfamiliar territory.) 5 minutes later I am scoffing a ‘Big Tasty Meal’. Well earned I say. Only 3 1/2 hours to go on the road.


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