April 6th – A Really Good Friday

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Bird Watching, Rochdale, Rossendale, Twitching

An unusual gull was found near Brigg, Lincolnshire on Tuesday and after the pics were looked at, the news was put out that it could be a Thayers Gull ? The bird had been very mobile but after a series of pics were taken the news was put out that it was indeed a juvenile/first winter Thayer’s Gull ! Time to warm up the batmobile me thinks. “Strike whilst the irons hot ” is a term often used and as it was to prove you have to. Myself, Steve K and Bob K dragged ourselves away from our families and made the trip to the end of the M180 and after a mile in the direction of Elsham we saw a few car parked, we were here! As we got our tackle out  (its a long way from Rochdale full of coffee) about 10 men fully armed with telescopes, cameras etc ran towards us saying, “Follow us its about a mile away in another field”.Back in the car then and a little bit of “Wacky Races” followed,culminating with a 100 yard ride down a bumpy farm track with lots of people busily looking through ‘scopes in the distance.Parked up, grab gear and run to get good view.  Steve K had never been on one of these twitches before so the sight of grown men running fully laden took him quite aback, but nevertheless he did join in the fun. We then enjoyed an excellent 20 minutes of watching the Thayer’s Gull in the company of about 250 others. The bird showed at about 100 yards distance and preened, walked around, stretched and most of the salient features were seen, we all enjoyed the bird as it mixed with mainly Herring & LBB gulls. The flock suddenly took to the air and good flight views of the gull were seen. The bird remained in the general area for most of the day but went missing on Friday afternoon. Well, after handshakes all round, it was what do we do next? Blacktoft was the answer, we arrived and found the hides full of “dudes” scoffing their butties and filling the hides with all thier crap, not letting anyone into any seats etc. With the water levels being very high there were not many waders around and a solitary Little Gull really saved the visit, although the 6 Marsh Harriers in the air at once helped. As we left Blacktoft we spotted a couple of Corn Bunting on the wires. Next stop Hatfield Moors and Steve K promised us Yellowhammers, despite searching for this once common bird none were seen, very sad indeed. But , the now resident Red necked Grebe didn’t let us down on Ten Acre Lake, its in great plumage and well  worth the tramp. Time to head for home, another “lifer” to add to our collections, everybody happy!



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