22nd May – Cream at the top.

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Bird Watching, Birding, Rochdale, Rossendale, Twitching
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No sooner than I put away my birding stuff from a 874 mile trip to Norfolk and back. A call to Bob K about a trip to Herefordshire is arranged for a 4am blastoff Tuesday Morning. On recent form, I didn’t have much faith in making an early start. So avoiding the ‘apple juice’ and bed time 8pm monday.

4am I managed it. Bob picks me up at Milnrow. Some faffing about in Poynton to pick Chris up, and we are of following the Sat-Nav.  A glorious drive through the English/Welsh countryside, loveley sunshine. 8am am we arrive. Being concientious birders. We park at the Golf course entrance. But where are the Twitchers? We had no notification that the bird is present on the Pager or Smart-phone while driving down. Doubts are setting in. All packed like mules we begin our walk at 45 degrees up to the top of the highest golf course in England. Yellowhammers singing all around us – How did you miss these Ozzy? near the top, car full of twitchers approach, giving us the news that we wanted to hear  “It’s showing well – where’s your car? Oh you could have driven up to the top mate” – Nice one. At the top we see the Cream Coloured Courser. First impressions, It’s much bigger than I thought it would be. Difficult to discribe. But it is a Stunning bird. A video is on YouTube.

Bob wakes up

A couple of hours of watching this bird doing it’s ‘Run, Stop, Peck the ground, Run, Stop, ‘ routine was a bit too much for Bob, and he collapses into the gorse and joins the land of nod for awhile. Still following the Sat-Nav home. It directs us through Wales, picking up loads more Yellowhammers (they are everywhere Ozzy) we pass a calling Lesser Whitethroat (chug chugging) to add to the year list. Stunning day, Stunning bird too.


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