Red Kite near Spring Mill Reservoir,Rochdale then Rossendale/Lancashire 19/4/2013

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Birding
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On one of my normal walks on a Friday afternoon with my dog, I try to check out the many abandoned quarries that are in the hills around the Rochdale and Whitworth areas. Mainly searching for migrants, Wheatears etc. This day would be very special for me. My friends have nearly all seen Red Kite in Lancashire or Greater Manchester and remind me of this omission occasionally! As I climbed my way towards a quarry just above Spring Mill Reservoir,which is divided by Lancashire and Greater Manchester, a large bird of prey flew close by from the Rochdale direction. I immediately recognised the bird as a Red Kite, my wait was over, I watched the bird for a good five minute as it lazily hunted over the hills and drifted off into Rossendale and out of site. Even after having watched lots of beautiful birds all over the place,this bird gave me a real thrill and to find one myself !

Happy Birder,

Dave O.


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