Rock Thrush at Spurn,Yorkshire.25/4/2013

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Birding
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Whilst at work in the morning , I got a text from Steve K saying,” Rock Thrush at Spurn,female”. He did not know that I needed that species, so when I replied saying, “Do you want to go now, as I will be going now”

he was lost for words.No other replies came from our usual team members to say that they could go at this time (but did go the day after and saw the bird,well done lads)He said he would go but had no bins or even a coat with him.I said, “I can provide both for us”.I picked Steve up in Milnrow and we were off across the Pennines at great haste until we met the three year roadworks,which slowed us down but we made good progress with the news that the bird was still present.The bird then hid for about an hour, but was re-found just prior to our arrival. At the Blue Bell car park lots of happy birders greeted our arrival,not because of us, but because the Rock Thrush was showing distantly but very well! We watched the bird,using other birders telescopes(thanks lads) and my bins for about an hour as it happily caught prey items from fence posts,what a bird! Makes up for the Norfolk bird we could not get to due to work commitments.Nothing much else apart from a Blue Headed Wagtail,Yellow Wagtail and a few Wheatear’s.We headed for home two happy birders.  Regards,Dave O.



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