Dusky Thrush in Margate Cemetery, Kent. 18/5/2013

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Birding
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Rising at a respectable 8-00am on Saturday morning and having lots of “chores” to do, I  thought I would check the bird news. Nothing could prepare me for what I read,”female Dusky Thrush in Margate Cemetery and showing well”. Morphing into,  “Twitcherman”.  I began texting people hoping to get some interest and go for the bird almost straight away!  Finally getting a squad together from Yorkshire, with Mark  and Nigel from York and Darren from Leeds. We met at Junction 38 on the M1 and set of at 10-45am. We went down the M1,M25,A2,M2,A299 and A28 reaching the cemetery gates in 4 hours. The traffic conditions had been kind to us and it was nice and sunny! Would the Dusky Thrush be there? About 100 birders were present and watching the bird as we got there, result,my old motto of, “strike whilst the iron is hot” has worked again! Got between a couple of graves and had very good views of this enigmatic species,although a female,  lots of plumage details were noted. The bird flew from tree to tree catching small prey items,but, generally towards the tree tops,it would then remain still for a couple of minutes. We all enjoyed the bird for about an hour and met a few of the older faces that were present. News of a female Montagu’s Harrier at the nearby Reculver Marshes finally got us away,but not after driving through Margate town center and watching the local police chasing a criminal down a street behind us! We reached Reculver and admired the ruins and the pub called,  “King Eggbert” with people sat outside and enjoying a pint,very tempting? The female Montagu’s Harrier showed quite well as it hunted the marshes.It was 5-30pm and time for heading home,the driving was well shared out and we reached Junction 38 at 9-30pm. I got back to Whitworth at 10-30pm having had an unexpected new bird,now back to the “chores”.


Dave O.


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