Greenish on the greens

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

After a quick check on Rare Bird Alert on Thursday news of a Greenish Warbler in Lancashire. The bird had been found by the green keeper at Turton Golf Course near Edgworth. He had identified the bird from its unusual song, well done that man! Let our team know and arranged with Steve K to go.The conditions were not good as we set off, low cloud. I took us on an around Bolton tour as I thought I knew were I was going ,I obviously did’nt, Well we got on the right road and reached Turton golf course,we cant park here surely not! Lots of checking up and map reading and eventually ringing a friend and we found the right path. A walk around a quarry, over some barbed wire and the golf course was found with a solitary birder being seen in the distance. Not many golfers on the course,which helped and as we met the other birder he told us that the bird was singing constantly and was giving really good views. After about an hour of its getting closer and constant song and with only a solitary passing Common Tern for company, a birder arrived with a squeaky bird lure. The bird flew down from its lofty perches and presented itself to us only 10 yards away and gave great views. The sun had by now come out and we left the area really happy having seen a new bird for Lancashire!

Dave O.


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