Well two weeks ago we had planned our annual trip to Anglesey, but, a certain Pacific Swift diverted us from going, so this Saturday the three elders of our group made the trip with Bob K driving. An early start was needed as a few stops had been planned so we left Rochdale at 6am. First stop was Holyhead harbour and as we got there the sun was trying to break out from behind the clouds. A Black Guillemot rather gave itself up to us at the side of a fishing boat and lots of pics were taken. A few other “tysties” were seen in the harbour and seen at nearly all other locations we visited during the day,they must be doing really well on Anglesey. Sandwich Tern


Choughs, South Stack, Holyhead. 29th June 2013

Black Guillemot, Holyhead Harbour. 29th June 2013

Black Guillemot, Holyhead Harbour. 29th June 2013

Roseate Tern

Roseate Tern, Cemlyn Lagoon, Anglesey. 29th June 2013

South Stack next and a great joy to visit with the masses of seabirds perched facing the massive stacks. Lots of gulls, Guillemots, Razorbills, a few Puffins and passing on the sea quite a number of Manx Shearwater and an occasional Gannet. The ferries coming and going also give me and Steve B a gentle reminder about work! The small group of Chough also entertained us with their calls and sheer pleasure that they seem to get from flying around, their larger cousins the Ravens were also on patrol looking for anything to eat. There has been a lack of butterfly`s this year and next to none were seen in the day. The drive to Cemlyn Bay is always filled with anticipation and hoping that the tern colony is doing well and not like a few year’s ago when the lot were wiped out with predators. We came in from the east end and lots of terns were seen flying into the lagoon’s. Lots of Sandwich Tern’s a few Arctic Tern’s and Common Tern’s made up the breeding species.Black headed Gull, Oystercatcher were also breeding there. After taking a few pictures we noticed a Roseate Tern sat on the bricks on the edge of the colony, nice bird to see as they used to breed here. Around about this time a large female Peregrine “buzzed” the colony with everything that could fly taking to the air, quite a spectacle! It back tracked and swooped onto what we think was an Oystercatcher chick, carrying off the chick to become Peregrine chick food! A Common Rosefinch had been seen near to Point Lynas, were it had been singing almost all the time but only giving brief views. After a bit of a route march over gates, overgrown field’s etc, we reached the area. The bird could be heard, even though none of us were fitted with our hearing devices, that’s how audible it was. A small group headed nearer the bird and it gave a small perch up then flew down the valley. We all followed and apart from another flypast that was all we had on the bird. Hardly stunning and true to form. Another Roseate Tern had been showing on the River Clwyd just south of Rhyl, so as we were going that way to look at the Little Tern colony at Gronant, so we called in. As we arrived about 4 cars were there and birders, after we had parked they had all gone, the reason being so had the tern! We had a look anyway, lots of Sandwich Terns and about 6 summer plumaged Black tailed Godwit’s, what stunners! Time for Gronant and Presthaven Sands, the walk as always was only brightened up by a single Stonechat, but as we got onto the beach, at least a 100 Little Tern’s could be seen. Some on the sea fishing, others sat on nests or on the beach, quite a sight. The area is really well protected by fencing and a patrolling warden is in attendance, so the birds should produce lots of chicks. We believe it too be the only Little Tern colony on mainland Wales. Time for home now and a good day out, we all managed about 6 new birds for our year lists. Think its now time for the summer break. Oh no there’s a Bridled Tern on the Farne Islands!

Dave O.


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