A Hoopoe in December 14/12/2013

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Bird Watching, Twitching
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A Hoopoe was found near Rhyl, Wales in November and everyone thought that’s late. So when it or another one was found near a caravan site in Pensarn, Wales in December people were really surprised! Chris B needed to see this species so a morning only trip was planned. We departed a cold, dark and bleak Newhey at 6-30am and reached Pensarn by 8-05am in semi-darkness. A walk along a road to the caravan site where we were joined by a fellow birder from Wigan. As we looked in the distance a man was looking at something on the beach, was it the Hoopoe? We climbed the sea wall and were soon admiring the bird which is normally associated with warmer climes. The local dog walkers were now descending down the beach and the Hoopoe treated us to its wonderful flying colours. It played hide and seek for a while until it settled on the grassy roadside verges and fed happily, if left alone. We checked out the sea and lots of scoters were seen, next stop Station Road, Llandulas. Having spent many fruitless hours searching the vast flocks of scoters for the elusive Surf Scoter’s present, we hit on a plan, wait for the sun to shine on the white neck patch. The sun shone and after about 45mins Chris shouted, “I have got a Surf Scoter”. This marked the end, almost of an era, for Chris who has made this species his quest. A Velvet Scoter was also seen. Our mornings work was done and we got home by 12-30pm.
Dave O.


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