Not a nice day in Notts. 26/1/2014

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Bird Watching, Twitching
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The recent invasion of Parrot Crossbill’s into England meant that we could go and get a new species for two of our members. So a full A Team set of for Budby Common in Sherwood Forest, south of Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Up to 14 Parrot Crossbill’s had been seen in the area over the past week and in general, with patience, gave good view’s. The weather en route had not been too bad,but as we got out of Bob’s car it began to rain! As we made our way towards the bird’s favored area the rain was getting harder. We met a couple of “early birders” who said they had luckily(their words) seen the birds earlier. After a couple of hours of searching, walking along the sodden trails, the rain finally drove us back with not many birds seen on the common at all. A Green Woodpecker was the only bird of note. We tried at Clumber Park , to see if any Hawfinch where around and we were able to get two birds sat in the top of one of the amazing old trees in the woodland, but, it was still raining. We said goodbye to Nottinghamshire and headed for Anglers / Wintersett Reservoirs near Wakefield. The weather had dried up and this enabled us to catch up with a cracking male Smew feeding under a bridge that carries the main road into Wakefield,nice bird. Our plan was to watch the gull roost, but as we sat and scanned all the birds arriving, the damp & cold got to us all and we all decided to head for home. Certainly not one of our more famous day trips but certainly one of the wettest!


Dave O.


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