A grand day out in Lancashire.7/12/2014.

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Bird Watching, Twitching
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Myself and Steve B just could not resist a Shore Lark at Rossall Point, Fleetwood, so off we went last Sunday. A cold, windy, grey morning greeted us both as Steve drove towards the coast, after leaving Rochdale at 8am. My last sighting of this species was in the Bolton area a few year`s ago, they are certainly not as usual as they used to be. We got to Rossall Point and a real strong wind blew the sand into our faces, as we battled the elements. A couple of “early birders”, were on the beach watching something, it was the bird a cracking male Shore Lark! We spent about 3/4 of an hour watching and trying to get a couple of pictures of the bird and the conditions were forgotten about. Well worth the effort in the end. The tide was well in as we visited the river mouth, were 5 Eiders were seen battling the strong winds. Our next stop was Lytham Moss where a Great Grey Shrike had taken up residence, not far from Blackpool Airport. It was a little hard to find at first (knowing how difficult shrikes can be for me in Lancashire) when out of nowhere it appeared sat on top of a tall bush. Always good to watch as the local Magpie chased it around and eventually gave up and left the shrike alone. In Lytham Crematorium there is a very small population of Ring Necked Parakeets, these are always worth popping in to see and  listen to and what they are up to. Pulling leaves of Holly bushes is their latest pastime, very exotic. A male Scaup was seen next on Fairhaven lake and afforded very close views with it striking plummage and diving ability. A birdwatching colleague of ours, who will not admit to living in the “made up” county of Greater Manchester, sent me a text to tell us that a Great Northern Diver had been found on Rishton Reservoir in Lancashire, so off we went in search of this large diving seabird. We reached Rishton and one of the ELOC members present, could not see the bird after a long search, had it flown off? He thought so and began to leave. Steve B had other idea`s (he had found all the birds this morning) he said, “I have got the diver, its there”. I quickly called the departing birder back to see the diver and he was pleased and so were we. All in all a really grand day out we reached home by 2-45pm.


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