Storking in East Yorkshire. Sunday 30th August 2015

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Bird Watching, Twitching
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After our “summer break” it was time to get back to a bit of serious birding, so a long staying Black Stork in the Sunk Island area on the way to Spurn seemed a good target to try to see. Nearly a full team, with just Steve K crying off late / early. Myself driving and a 6-15am departure from Newhey on a nice morning. We reached the area the bird had been last seen in with the news that it had flown towards the River Humber about 50 minutes prior to our arrival. Not good news for one of our members, as it was a lifer for him. A look around Stone Creek and a walk along the banking looking over the salt marsh followed. A feverish amount of waving was beckoning me to join up with our team, who had located the bird, briefly in flight and then promptly disappearing into one of the many gully`s in the area! A lifer for Chris B was duly celebrated. They all saw the bird except me and what followed was an hour`s wait in glorious sunshine. A small group assembled half a mile inland from us and after an hour`s wait, had decided to walk towards the area that the Black Stork had gone into (at no point did they attempt to flush the bird) The Black Stork walked gently out of the gully and afforded the camera men some close up pictures. We also enjoyed the bird, which after a couple of minutes took to the air and circled up and gave really good views. It was joined by 2 Buzzards, 2 Marsh Harriers, Peregrine & a Kestrel all in the air at once, quite a sight! We carried on to Kilnsea Wetlands and saw a Little Stint & 2 Spotted Redshanks. A juvenile Red Backed Shrike near the small caravan site was watched as it chased around the corner field. Both Spotted & Pied Flycatcher`s were seen near Kew gardens(no not that one) Along with a decent fall of Whinchat`s, about 7 were seen. We called at Sammy`s Point and watched a “belting” Kingfisher (in joke) and the lads took some pictures, no sign of much else though. Met a fellow birder from Leeds who told us about going to look at Welwick salt marsh. After a bit of off-roading we reached what may well be a good area during the winter months, just a Marsh Harrier & a Kestrel on this occasion. Time was pressing on so home beckoned. It was good to be out at the start of the migration period in, what is for me one of the best places to bird watch in. We got back in Rochdale at 6pm and all enjoyed the day.
Dave O.


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