Dip day at Dungeness. 23/9/2015

Posted: September 24, 2015 in Bird Watching, Twitching
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A possible first for Britain in the shape of an Acadian Flycatcher at Dungeness in Kent had a few pulses racing. Bit too far to go on the day it was found, due to traffic, work etc. So, a trip overnight was planned. Bob K driving, myself, Andy from Leigh and Steve from Hucknall all arranged to go to try to catch up with this mega rare species. Leaving Milnrow at midnight and arriving at Dungeness around 6-45am, just as the sun was about to rise. About 50 others birders were assembled looking over the birds last known feeding area in a small garden in this strange landscape. It was cold at first but it soon warmed up but alas, no sign of the flycatcher! A Hobby then a Merlin were seen out early morning hunting. News that the bird had been (possibly) seen at 7-30am didn’t reach the pagers till 10-30am, so it was put down as a desperate twitcher`s mistake! We had a good search of the area but to no avail, it had gone. A Cattle Egret on the nearby RSPB Dungeness reserve was eventually seen along with 2 Great White Egrets and Little Egret all within 15 minutes (must be some kind of record??) The weather was lovely and sunny but, the previous night had been clear, so the bird had become a “one day job”. My theory was that any bird that’s name begins with an A at Dungeness should be left well alone, Audouin`s Gull etc. The journey home was a fairly difficult, I suppose it might have been better had we seen the bird though!
Dave O.


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