Just myself and Steve K out for another east coast trip (think that`s 6 trip`s to Spurn this year?) Steve K drove and we departed a dark and gloomy Rochdale at 6am. We reached Flamborough just before 8am after seeing very little traffic. We started with a sea watch after descending the ever narrowing path down to the head (glad it wasn’t slippy) A few of the regulars were already there, Brett etc. Within 15minutes a Balearic Shearwater was seen and what followed was an almost constant passage of Great Skua or Bonxie`s to give them their Scottish name. They seemed to be in family parties of 4 or 5 at a time nearly all heading south. I have never seen so many Great Skua`s at a 2 hour sea watch before, quite fascinating! 4 Sooty Shearwater in single`s all headed north, around 3 Arctic Skua`s seemed to be chasing anything smaller than themselves around. 9 Red Throated Diver`s, 300+ Gannet`s, lots of auks (no Little yet Steve K)Fulmar and a few Common Scoter made up an excellent sea watch. With our legs regaining some circulation we headed along the coast heading south and soon found a male Velvet Scoter close inshore. Lots of Goldcrest`s landed at our feet having made it across the sea and they all began feeding in the low vegetation, these little bird`s really have to be admired. A Great Grey Shrike was pointed out to us by a Greater Manchester birder, thanks Mark. News of a Siberian Stonechat in a set aside field close by was checked out and the bird was soon located and gave very good views. Looked like a real fall of birds was in progress as we saw lots of Willow Warbler`s and more Goldcrest`s in the bushes leading towards Old Fall Plantation. Then talk about being in the right place at the right time, the Dusky Warbler had been re-found in the same area. The bird could be located by its call, but as all Dusky Warbler`s like to stay well hidden did not show really well until it sat in a bush for about 5 seconds. We followed the bird along the hedge for about an hour and the crowd had grown to about 20 birders as we left. As we made our way back to the lighthouse a Short-Eared Owl put in a cameo performance for us as it hunted for its breakfast. Well what a cracking morning`s birding that was! Refreshments at the car and then a decision to head for Spurn to try to catch up with Pallas`s Warbler and American Golden Plover (which would be a lifer for Steve K) It`s not a long way, but it can be a difficult journey, so, when we got behind a man towing a boat, a horsebox and two caravan draggers the pace really flagged. Upon arrival at Spurn, well the Crown & Anchor pub in Kilnsea really, a small group were admiring a bird high up in the tree`s. We dashed along and were soon admiring a cracking little Pallas`s Warbler, we watched the bird on and off for 35 minutes. Could it get better? We enquired about the American Golden Plover just down the road towards Easington and were told that it did fly away but may well return to the same field to feed. Within 5 minutes of leaving we were watching the plover as it happily fed on its own giving reasonable views. A lifer for Steve K and a great way to end what turned out to be a really good day`s birding. The lads from York were there also and we had a good laugh with them. We left Spurn area around 5pm and managed to watch a Tawny Owl fly across the M62 in fading light. We got home by 7pm after a long and enjoyable day!
Dave O.


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