Crag Martin around the spire. 9/11/2015

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Bird Watching, Twitching

When you “dip” a bird you feel bad, when you “dip” the same bird twice in the same week you become a little bit damaged towards that species! This happened to members of the “A Team” last year at Flamborough. So, when one turns up in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on a wet and windy miserable day and only stays for a couple of hours. It made you think, “At least we didn’t go and “dip” the species again”. After a discussion about this species only being one day birds (not like the Flamborough bird) I put it to the back of my mind. At 8-30am a frenzied call from Bob K proclaimed that the Crag Martin was,” still around the Twisted Spire in the centre of Chesterfield”. Hurried plans and calls were made, including Steve B getting to Milnrow, which saw us heading for Derbyshire around 10-30am. The weather was terrible with high winds & rain all the way along the 50mph motorway`s M62 & M1. Well done to Bob K for driving through all that and getting us to Chesterfield by 12-15pm. It was still raining as we parked up and headed for the twisted spire with the news that the bird was still present. Lots of soaked birders were watching the bird as we arrived and we were put straight onto it. The Crag Martin whizzed around the spire catching prey items and apart from looking a little wet gave very good views with all the ID features seen. It is a long way from home and must have arrived on the back of all the bad (good for birding) recent weather that we have had. Hope it makes it back home to Southern Europe/ Africa. We met some people that had “dipped” the bird the day before and they looked quite relieved to have seen this enigmatic species. We also saw John W from Blackburn, Rob L ex Bolton and Steve from Nottingham of dipped Acadian Flycatcher at Dungeness fame, we had a good laugh. It was time to return to Rochdale. We came back over the Snake Pass and apart from the abysmal weather all enjoyed the ride over the tops.
Dave O


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