Flamborough Head. Sunday 2nd October 2016

Posted: October 10, 2016 in Bird Watching, Birding, Twitching
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The regular influx of birds being seen on the east coast was just about getting going, so it was time for a trip to Flamborough Head. Myself, Steve B and Chris B left Newhey in the hope that we might see the Taiga Bean Goose that had been seen a few times at North Marsh at Flamborough. This was also a new part of the Flamborough area that none of us had ever had need to visit before. Chris B made good time and we arrived at the area on quite a nice morning. We searched the terrain and saw in the distance two flocks of geese and it seemed likely, after a logistics meeting, that we would be better walking towards them from the North Landing. After following the coastal path and admiring the spectacular cliffs, we reached a vantage point and saw a flock of Greylag Geese at the top of a small hill in the distance. The other flock could not be seen, we headed off to the hide which overlook`s North Marsh and encountered a really overgrown footpath covered with brambles etc. This did not help myself as I was wearing my shorts (scars to prove it). On arrival we could see that the geese were slowly coming into the pool to bathe and drink in groups of 5/6. It took about an hour for them all to come in and guess what, the Taiga Bean Goose was not amongst them!

We sat on the cliffs and did a bit of sea watching, but really only Gannets and a few Red Throated Divers could be picked out. A quick check of the bird news revealed that the goose was indeed on the North Marsh pool and had flown in with five Pink footed Geese (the other flock) typical, but not a real wild goose chase. As one off our number had never seen this species, we again hurried along the overgrown path, ouch, noticing that about 15 people were already watching something in front of the hide, it was the Taiga Bean Goose. Great views of the bird were much appreciated after all our efforts.

We decided to try to find Thornwick Pools, which we found without too much bother and had a chat with Brett Richards. He told us that a Red Breasted Flycatcher was at the Old Fall Plantation along with a few Yellow Browed Warbler`s. After admiring a single Dunlin at the pools we headed off to the plantation, the scene of many a good twitch. Upon arrival in the bright autumn sunshine the flycatcher had not been seen for a while. Up to 6 Yellow Browed Warblers were around the same area though and all gave good shows. The flycatcher was not seen by ourselves. We all enjoyed our trip to Flamborough and reached home by 6-30pm.

Dave O.



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