Casual twitching

Posted: October 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

The day begins with the sun already up and the wind is still blowing from the East. The alarm clock glows with the neon numbers 9:25 –  Brew time…in bed…come on it’s Sunday. A copy of Birdwatch is opened, and I begin reading the raririty round up Etc. Wife asks the dumb question “whats that bird..looks nice?” It’s a Red Breasted Flycatcher…Dear”. On day I will answer that it’s a “Greater Melon Breasted Matress Thrasher.Dear”,..One day.  I then tell her that there are a few of these on the East coast at the moment.She suggests “Why don’t we go and see them then?”. Just before 10am with the car loaded, we are off to Bempton cliffs. I mention that the other members of the A-team always set of at dawn to clean-up on the birds. Outside Beverley, and it’s in to McDonalds for breakfast – thoughts about the A-team’s members again.
We arrived at Bempton about noon. Rag everything out of the boot and calmly make a move to reception for some gen. 10 minutes later.. I have had Brambling, Yellow Browed Warbler
in my Binoculars at close range. Small warblers are everywhere.15-10-2016-16-36-23


A Red Breasted Flycatcher performs in front of us at very close quarters. Even Lesley can identify it as the bird in the magazine. Stonker!. A short walk to cliffs and we pass another group looking for an Arctic Warbler. A bird flies up..The cry goes up..”That’s it” Along the cliff top a small area is marked off as out-of-bounds. this is where the next Bird has been showing, about 40 minutes since it was last seen. Before I get my tripod open – it appears at our feet and slowly walks away along the path. This twitching game is easy!. I text Dave Ousey what we have seen.

We have a stress free walk for the next hour – Warblers, crests all over the place. A few Redwings and a Greyish looking Song Thrush in the crater near the car-park.

We decide to go to Flamborough. Feeling peckish, we both have lunch and a pint at the cafe – Lovely. with my bodies fuel gauge now on full. I don’t fancy a long walk. I only make it too the sea watching point. Just behind us, an odd looking Stonechat performs. A few photos.

Nothing unusual happening at sea. We head of back at sunset.
A really great day out, casually watching birds. See we don’t always have to rush to get our birds..
Cyas about – Ste K.


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