Spurn Rerun. Sunday 16th October 2016

Posted: October 17, 2016 in Twitching
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As the easterly`s had continued to blow lots of birds towards the east coast, it was a good plan to go again and see what we could find. So three A teamers with Steve K at the wheel headed to the Spurn area. The headline bird was again the Siberian Accentor at Easington. We parked in the car park, well field, being manned by the Spurn Observatory people. Again hurrying (have I done this before?) up Vicar`s Lane to the area the bird was in. It had moved from its normal place and was just about showing in the gas terminal compound area. Steve`s K and B saw the bird and seemed quite pleased to see it.

We visited the Shorelark behind the Bluebell café and it performed really well allowing people really close. At the Northfield Farm end of the canal area a Radde`s Warbler had been seen so we tried our luck. Now this species has been Steve B`s bogey bird forever, so, when it sat out albeit only briefly he had managed two lifers in the morning, well done Steve! As the weather began to take a turn for the worst with quite heavy showers we decided to go to Sammy`s point. On the way 15 Tundra Bean Geese had just landed on the Easington straight and we enjoyed watching them as they fed in the fields.

At Sammy`s Point we parked the car so as not to get wet and enjoyed about an hour’s birding from the car. Lots of Fieldfare, Redwing, 3 Ring Ouzel, Robins, Goldcrest, Yellowhammer, Chaffinch, Brambling, Chiff-chaff and a single Lesser Whitethroat were seen. The rain passed through and this allowed us to have another look at the Accentor, which had returned to its normal place and lots more pictures were taken. The lads enjoyed much better views than before. Another wander along the canal area hoping that the Radde`s would show a bit better, after 30 minutes it hadn`t. We had a final look at the Siberian Accentor and set off for home. Traffic was much better and we reached Rochdale by 6pm.

Dave O.


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