Dusky Thrush Revisited. 11/12/2016

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Twitching, Uncategorized
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The Dusky Thrush, that seems to have taken up residence in the small village of Beeley in Derbyshire, was still giving decent views in the orchard at Dukes Barn Recreation Centre, so, a trip with 2 of the “A Team” was organised. The two Steve`s B and K both needed to add this species to their lists, so a 7am start from Norden was sorted with Steve K at the wheel. We followed a much better route than I had followed last Tuesday and traffic was very light. We arrived at the Chatsworth House car park and waited to be transported by bus to the village. Myself and Steve B decided to walk even though the service was free, Steve K enjoyed the bus ride!

Upon arrival in Beeley village news that the bird was still present greeted us but it was not on show at the moment. We had a walk around until we found the right place to watch the orchard and after negotiating the adventure playground we saw around 100 birders squashed together. This was a bit of a shock to us all seeing so many birders. Steve B decided upon having a little more adventure and fell from the boardwalk and into a muddy pit. Some people will do anything to get to the front of a crowd! During our wait for the bird to arrive the ladies of the activity centre were selling bacon & sausage sandwiches to the gathering flock. Nigel and Paz from York joined us just as the Dusky Thrush flew in and gave excellent views as it fed on fallen apples and various other food. What a cracking bird to see fairly close, it was very flighty though and was soon off into the shelter of the trees. The bird repeated this performance before disappearing around midday.

We adjourned to the centre and enjoyed the catering that the ladies had worked to provide us all with, then with not much else to go and see we decided to head home. The two Steve`s both had a lifer and we had been able to sample what real hospitality is from the people of Beeley, excellent.    Dave O.


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