Greater Manchester in the mist 8/1/2017

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Bird Watching, Birding
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Me and Steve K decided on a leisurely, local trip to see what we could find. It was quite foggy in the Rochdale area and as we headed for Pennington Flash (via a new way brought on by myself not watching road signs) the fog did not seem to be lifting. Such birds like Long Tailed Duck, Cettis Warbler and as the Pennington Flash locals say, “Plus the usual’s” might well be encountered. A rather gloomy flash was investigated but no sign of the LT Duck, though it did “appear” later in the day, perhaps the gloom did lift? Lots of photographic opportunities in the various hides but no sign of the Bittern in the Teal hide. Time to move on, we headed for Rindle Road where 3 Grey Partridge became the highlight of a rather quiet area.

News of 18 Waxwings in Morrison’s car park in Hyde had to be worth a go. The Trans GM trip did not take long and as we arrived the birds could be seen high up in the tallest tree. We got a good place to park and spent a pleasant hour watching the Waxwings, who came pretty close to feed on some red berries. They really do brighten up the dullest winter days with their shrill calls and lovely colours.

Our last call was to be Rhodes Lodges / Alkrington Woods to see if we could locate the local population of Ring necked Parakeets. Again we had no luck but Steve K did manage to see a splendid Kingfisher as it dashed across a lodge. I have not visited this area for a long time but it must have some potential. We made our way home after having, certainly, an unusual day out!

Dave O.


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