Midweek Twitching. 31/1/2017

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Twitching
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A juvenile White billed Diver had been found on the River Whitham near Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. A strange inland record for the county, but even stranger was that the last one in the county was also found on the same river! Myself and Bob K decided on a last minute trip to see the bird and an early start was planned. 6am dawned and we departed from a gloomy Newhey heading along the most famous “carpark” outside London, the M62. My trusty Satnav took us towards the A1 and then into Lincoln. At this point I must really sympathise with all the commuters who have to pass through Lincoln on a daily basis, it’s a real mess. We pressed on and reached Kirkstead Bridge, near Woodhall Spa, we immediately saw the White billed Diver in the river at the side of the road, what luck! There now followed a game of “cat & mouse” as we walked up and down the river to try and get a couple of pictures of this rather splendid bird. After an hour or so the bird had won and we retreated to the car to get warm.
News of a male Ring necked Duck on some gravel pits in Kirkby on Bain soon followed, so after some expert directions from one of our York birding colleagues, we arrived safely. We found the Ring necked Duck, after a bit of searching (isn’t that what birding’s all about?) and really enjoyed distant views of a cracking American duck. Lots of different pits / pools in this area holding lots of duck and gulls from the nearby active tip. Worth keeping an eye on this place.

Our next port of call was to be Rufford Abbey C.P in Nottinghamshire that usually has a small flock of Hawfinch. The dry weather we had enjoyed, turned to being a little damp as we found our way into the country park area. As we got out of the car a flock of 5 Hawfinch flew above us and landed in a tall tree for us to admire, more nice birds to enjoy. We watched a small flock of Redwing feeding on the ground along with Mistle and Song Thrushes, really nice to watch. It was time to get home and we reached very wet Newhey around 3-30pm. Nice day out watching some cracking birds.
Dave O.


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