About Us

We are 5 experienced birders based in Rochdale, Lancashire who like to see birds that are uncommonly seen in Grt. Manchester.

Dave ‘Ozzy’ Ousey

A member of the ‘500 club’. well known where ever he goes, and there isn’t many places he hasn’t been to see a scarce or rare bird. His network of pals makes his trip planning second to none. Getting all the up to the minute information on loacations and bird Identification before we arrive.

Chris Brown – son of Steve.
He may be the youngest of the team, but still a very experienced birder with some ‘Megas’ in his inventory.

Steve ‘Browny’ Brown
Their isn’t anywhere he wouldn’t drive to see a bird. Looks a bit odd without a steering wheel in his hands.

Ste Kovacs
Birding since ’86. Recently joined the ‘A-Team’ and weighs in with a lightweight 374 species Britain under his belt. His favourite bird is the Buff Breasted Sandpiper which has offered some close views when seen. Not frightened of travelling for a scarcity/rarity.

Bob ‘Birding Bob’ Kenworthy
An experienced Birder with over 470 species in Britain under his belt. 20 years of bird watching, which has taken him around the world in search of all things avian. Mad on raptors, His favourite bird is the Gyr Falcon he once found on his own. Once witnessed a Lammergier fly within a few feet away when on holiday. Not frightened of travelling for a rarity.


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