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A long staying Bluethroat, at a very remote Lincolnshire fen, had been giving birders / photographers amazing views, so a trip was organised. We met in Newhey and with Steve B at the wheel, myself Bob K & Chris B, set off for Willow Tree Fen N.R. at 6am. The promise of a sunny day was very much in evidence as we headed down the A1. The small reserve was a little tricky to find but Chris B did a good job finding it. He made a comment, “We will have this Bluethroat all to ourselves”. Upon reaching the car park it became apparent that it was not too be. The bird showed down to 10 feet and was a real stunner, it was a bit of a skullker though. During its time in the reed cover the birds song could be heard, that was very nice. After about an hour we headed away and gave arriving birders chance to see the bird.
We headed for Rutland Water to try to catch up with the already returned Osprey`s. They did not disappoint, a pair of them sat on top of a nest platform. The water level was very high, but that was not surprising with all the rain we have had recently. We also saw Egyptian Goose, Blackcap and lots of wildfowl. I have never visited Rutland Water unless there has been a Birdfair on and it was nice to really appreciate what a good area it is to visit.
Our final stop was at Budby Common in Nottinghamshire, the northern end of Sherwood Forest. Our target species was Woodlark that are usually singing, displaying around this time. We had a very wet tramp around this area a few years ago looking for a Parrot Crossbill, without success. After about 40 minutes, we again were drawing a blank. Now something really strange happened, Bob said, “There is a man about 300 yards away with no clothes on” We all had a look at this man as he was striding out over the common, strange? A fellow birder called us over to say that he had found 2 Woodlarks, we waited for them to show, then after a few minutes a male Woodlark began calling and displaying. I managed to see a female Woodlark perched in a small tree preening. That was a really nice way to end a good days birding. We reached home by 5pm and the sun was still shining!
Dave O.


Had a day out with the boys across the border from York, we had planned to go to Spurn, but after a bit of thinking, headed for Teeside. There had been a lot of good birds in Teeside the day before, but, as sometimes happens they “clear out” overnight. I met the lads in York after missing a couple of turnings, we piled into Nige`s car and off we went. We firstly reached Haverton Hole and news of the Great Reed Warbler was not good,it had gone. Next stop was Seaton Common, quite a few birders hoping to see both Blue & Grey Headed Yellow Wagtails. After around 40 minutes we saw 2 Yellow Wagtails one of which was the Blue Headed, distant but nice, also Five Spoonbills flying over were a real bonus.
News of a possible Moltoni`s or Western Subalpine Warbler up on Holy Island (Lindisfarne) was then passed around and as it would be a lifer for one of the team, we decided to give it a go. We stopped just north of Hartlepool at Cribdon Dene and spent a nice 30 minutes with the breeding colony of Little Terns, excellent and sunny conditions. We arrived at Holy Island as the tide had gone out revealing the causeway. News was good on the Subalpine Warbler that had now been named as a Western. We paused as a female Bluethroat was found, with a male not a long way from it. We hurried along and had good views of the warbler almost continuously on show. The bird chased insects around the bushes all the time we were there as it must have been very hungry after its long journey.
Time was pressing on with a four and 1/2 hour journey to get back home, but surely enough time to see a Dotterel? The lads had already seen that species before this year, but after two ascent`s of Pendle Hill, failing to connect on both occasions I just had to try. I reached the area and around 12 other birders were searching for the Dotterel. It took about 20 minutes to find it as it must have been partially hidden in a dip in a sheep field!
I arrived home around 8-30pm having really enjoyed a good days birding with the lads from York, thanks lads!
Dave O.